Purple Dress_001

Hello everyone ! I was contemplating whether I should post this outfit or not because lately I have been in a more colorful mood, and well, this outfit is not all that colorful. I did decide to post it however, as you have all figured out, because it makes me feel like a classy lady ! This outfit reminds me of a woman who lunches in Dallas with her Chanel tweed jacket and her matching dress. For the outfit I used a hair by Faenzo, that I did recently blog a couple of times. I honestly can’t help reblogging his hairs over and over again because now I can’t find any other hairs that I like. The sunglasses are from Goucci and I honestly love them. Brinks doesn’t generally look all that great in sunglasses but this pair compliments her face and thats why I think she can pull them off. The necklace is from a brand I just recently heard of called Lassitude & Ennu. I bought this necklace in white and I then decided that I’d rather have it in black, so I modified it in the build menu and made it more on the dark grey/black side. The jacket is from *COCO*, and I LOVE it. It’s so sophisticated and it fits perfectly over my dress. I always have a problem trying to put a mesh jacket, blazer or cardigan over a mesh sweater or shirt of some sort. This jacket being able to fit over this dress made me jump for joy. The dress is from Faenzo and I got it at the Collabor88 event. All I can say about this dress is that it is absolutely stunning. It comes in a few really gorgeous colours and I made the unusual decision to opt for the purple color, which Herve has named Tulip. I honestly, both RL & SL, strongly dislike the color purple. It looks great in some spaces and on some people, but on my RL body and my SL Avatar, I just do not like the color purple at all. This color though, will be one of my few exceptions when it comes to the color purple. Hey, ya never know, maybe in the future it will become my favorite color. Weirder things have happened. The ring is from Paper Couture, from their newest collection, I love it. Whenever Paper Couture releases a new collection I always run over there because you know the jewelry will be outstanding. The shoes are from ISON. I did blog them in a couple of different colors over the last couple of weeks. To be honest with you, I LOVE THESE SHOES. I have them in White, Sand & Black and I plan on buying more colors. They are just so cute and they honestly look good with everything I try on while wearing them. Well that’s it for today. I’m going to go back to getting my SL house in order and figuring out some landscaping ideas. Thanks for reading guys ! ❤

Skin: .: vive nine :. Maliah in SPF200 YellowTan ( Sanya Bilavio )

Hair: ONE by Herve Faenzo, LBlondes ( Hervé Faenzo )

Sunglasses: (Goucci) Neutral Oversized Sunglass ( Hervé Faenzo )

Necklace: lassitude & ennui Knotted pearl necklace white ( Jackal Ennui )

Jacket: *COCO*_TweedJacket_Black ( Cocoro Lemon )

Dress: Faenzo Silk Flare Dress – Tulip ( Hervé Faenzo )

Ring: Ring: P.C; Pearl Flower Ring – White ( Cora Lu )

Heels: ISON – pointy strap heel (black) ( Harry Hyx )



Pink Skirt 1_001
Hi everyone ! Just wanted to throw up a quick post for you all. I am OBSESSED with this outfit, OBSESSED. Lately I have been all about the cropped shirts, tee’s and sweaters paired with a skirt. I just can’t get enough of it. I think I’m becoming Kim Kardashian. The sweater and the skirt are from Emery. The hair is from Faenzo, I posted it a couple of outfits back. The ring is from Epoque and the necklace is from a store I just started going to called RYCA Jewelery. The heels are from ISON. Well guys I am tired so I am going to curl up in bed with my dogs and watch Diners Drive-In’s and Dives. It’s one of the most addicting shows that I’ve ever watched. Nighty Night. ❤

Skin: .: vive nine :. Maliah in SPF200 YellowTan ( Sanya Bilavio )

Hair: ONE by Herve Faenzo, LBlondes ( Hervé Faenzo )

Sunglasses: Faenzo Bold Sunglass – Sand ( Hervé Faenzo )

Necklace: NECKLACE MEDUSA GOLD -RYCA- ( Ryca Doobie )

Sweater: Emery – Cropped Top Naomi Amore ( Sunami Beck )

Skirt: Emery – Midi Skirt Elle Coral ( Sunami Beck )

Ring: (epoque.s) Menage a Trois Ring – Gold ( Riot Core )

Heels: ISON – pointy strap heel (sand) ( Harry Hyx )


Skirt #1_001
Hello all! I just wanted to wear something a little more colorful than the last couple of outfits, so I threw this on. Emery is always my #1 go to when I am looking for a pop of color. All the jewelry I am wearing is from LaGyo, and the hair is by Faenzo. Faenzo only has their items listed on the market place at the moment, but I would HIGHLY recommend taking a look at the select few pieces that are for sale. The clothing, hair and accessories are very good quality and the colors are AMAZING. I’m obsessed with the hair from Faenzo, as you can tell from my last three posts. Faenzo also has a super cute dress and sunglasses at this months Collabor88 event, so I would also recommend checking those pieces out also. Well guys, I’m off to decorate my new SL house. Thanks for reading ❤

Skin: .: vive nine :. Maliah in SPF200 YellowTan ( Sanya Bilavio )

Hair: BUFFY by Herve Faenzo, LBlondes ( Hervé Faenzo )

Necklace: LaGyo_Gladiis necklace gold ( Gyorgyna Larnia )

Tank: Maitreya RB-Tank * White ( Onyx LeShelle )

Jacket: Emery – Mesh Denim Jacket Hollywood Light Wash ( Sunami Beck )

Cuff: (epoque) Menotte Deuxieme – Neutral ( Vintage McMillan )

Ring On My Left Hand: LaGyo_Bonbon ring ( Gyorgyna Larnia )

Ring On My Right Hand: LaGyo_Poppillia ring gold/sapphire ( Gyorgyna Larnia )

Skirt: Emery – Mesh Maxi Skirt Mulholland Jalpur ( Sunami Beck )


Just thought I’d throw up another outfit ! It’s the least I could do, you know, since I haven’t blogged in the last 13 months. I may throw one more outfit up on the blog and call it a night. ❤

Skin: .: vive nine :. Maliah in SPF200 YellowTan ( Sanya Bilavio )

Hair: Faenzo – LINDSAY // LBlondes ( Hervé Faenzo )

Sweater/Shirt: ISON – embossed sweaters (salmon) ( Harry Hyx )

Necklace One: LaGyo – Fleur De Lis Passion Long Chain (Silver) ( Gyorgyna Larnia )

Necklace Two: LaGyo – Eva Maxi Boules Necklace (Marble) ( Gyorgyna Larnia )

Watch: FEMALE_[MANDALA]SITENNOAH_watch&bracelet_white ( Kikunosuke Eel )

Ring: P.C; Pearl Flower Ring – White ( Cora Lu )

Heels: ISON – pointy strap heel (white) ( Harry Hyx )


#74Hello everyone! Sorry for such a long hiatus. I took a break from my Second Life to enjoy all the perks of my Real Life. I am back, and I will be happily blogging! To be honest, I will probably not be blogging almost everyday like I used to, but I will definitely try to throw out two to three outfits a week for all of you ladies and gentlemen to see. I just want to thank all of you guys for supporting me and my blog. This blog has been a long, incredible journey for me throughout my 7 years in Second Life. Hopefully, I can keep it going for another 7! I’ve also noticed that my style has evolved a tad bit since I’ve last blogged. I find now that I’m now attracted to more simple and minimalistic outfits, with just a tad bit of flair. I still will be posting the kind of colorful, eye popping outfits that I used to, but I will just be adding a bit more of a minimalist aspect to them. Again, thank you guys so much for being on this journey with me and I really appreciate all the love and support that I’ve been shown throughout the whole time line of my blog. Brinks ❤ ❤ ❤

Skin: .: vive nine :. Maliah in SPF200 YellowTan ( Sanya Bilavio )

Hair: ONE by Herve Faenzo, LBlondes ( Hervé Faenzo )

Necklace: LaGyo_Alice necklace ( Gyorgyna Larnia )

Sweater: ISON – angora sweater (forest) ( Harry Hyx )

Skirt: ISON – slit pencil skirt (cream) ( Harry Hyx )

Ring: P.C; Teardrop Diamond Baguette Ring ( Cora Lu )

Heels: ISON – pointy strap heel (sand) ( Harry Hyx )


4_001 5_001Hello everyone ! My birthday was on Tuesday. Just thought I’d let you all know. I have the same birthday as Elton John. Yes, Sir Elton John. Maybe that’s why I’m so fabulous ? My throat kind of hurts. I drank some Buckley’s, it was SO GROSS. Like I understand their slogan is ” It taste awful, and it works ” but my sweet jesus do they ever mean it tastes awful. What else can I tell you guys … O here in the great white north, Canada, it’s the BIG RICH series night ! Basically, on the E! network, they have these two shows Big Rich Texas and Big Rich Atlanta. It’s basically the Real Housewives but a little more tacky. I absolutely love it. It’s about a few wealthy women and their daughters and the drama that revolves around the country club that each cast belongs too. It’s television gold, I love it. If you guys haven’t seen it and are infatuated with reality television, it’s definitely worth an hour of your time. ON TO THE OUTFIT ! So this outfit is just super cute and casual. The hair is from Exile, I love it. I love long, flowy mesh hair in SL. I also love the blonde texture, it’s perfect. The skin, obviously, vive9. The jacket is new from Emery. It comes in a few really great colors that are staples for a girls SL spring/summer wardrobe. Every girl needs a leather jacket. The shirt is from Tee*fy. It is ment to look tucked into a pair of pants or a skirt, it’s awesome. I have a pair of jeans from The Secret Store that this shirt tucks into perfectly. I’ll probably blog it soon. The bag is the newest bag release from DDL. It’s modeled after the RL Celine Luggage Tote. I love it. I did have to put a different pose into the bag though. The pose that came with the bag was not flattering to the bag at all. It’s definitely worth it to spend a few minutes putting a new pose into this bag if you purchase it and plan on using it often. The skirt is also new from Emery. It comes in 5-6 really neat colors that, again, are also great for spring/summer. Also, when you purchase the skirt there are two versions. One with black horses, and one with whiteish/beige horses. The boots are from ISON. I’m not too sure if there new or not, but it’s the first time I’ve ever seen them in the store. I loved them, I bought them. Speaking of ISON, the new ISON store is AMAZING. The building is absolutely stunning. It’s such amazing Mesh work I cannot even explain it to you guys. Like it’s gorg. I spend probably half of my SL time at the new ISON store because the music stream that is playing in that store is awesome. I TP there to play the stream and do online shopping or something outside of SL so I can listen to the music. Definitely take a TP down to the ISON store to check out their new building, it’s incredible. The sim is coincidentally named, ISON. Well that’s about it guys. I am gonna go watch my BIG RICH shows and have a nice big mug full of warm Williams Sonoma hot chocolate. GO TO WILLIAMS SONOMA and try their hot chocolate. It’s real chocolate shavings in this jar, it’s so good. I bought this device they sell that was especially made just to make the Williams Sonoma hot chocolate. It’s so delicious. It’s orgasmic. It’s heaven in a cup, I can’t even explain it to you guys. Your taste buds will sing sweet Ke$ha songs. Anyways, have a good night, enjoy your hot chocolate and I shall post tomorrow or the day after, hopefully.

Skin: .: vive nine :. Maliah in SPF200 YellowTan ( Sanya Bilavio )

Hair: ::Exile:: Breathe Me: Light Blondes

Jacket: Emery – Mesh Leather Jacket Saul Black ( Sunami Beck )

Shirt: Tee*fy Basic Tucked Tank White ( Azure Electricteeth )

Bag: [DDL] The Godmother II (White) ( Melina Anatine )

Skirt: Emery – Mesh Pleated Skirt Charlotte Eau ( Sunami Beck )

Boots: ISON – levander ankle boots (sand) ( Harry Hyx )


4_0015_001Bonjour. Guys, it’s just been one of those days. My countless energy and busy RL schedule is finally catching up with me. I have so much to do lately in RL that it’s a tad bit ridiculous. I am trying to put finishing touches on my new house, charity work that I’m involved in and being a married woman. I am actually sick, physically sick, of being busy. I have a head ache, my nose is stuffy and I’m tired beyond my own comprehension. Other than that though, I’m good. I mean, there’s a new episode of Kourtney & Kim Take Miami tomorrow night, which means I will be having an exciting night with Armenian filled fun. Anyways, sorry about the whole woah is me speech. I am just SO TIRED. I don’t understand how people manage to hold down multiple jobs, I would not be able to do that without being severely sleep deprived and probably the most unpleasant person you would ever encounter. ANYWAYS, let’s get on with the outfit. I love this whole get up, it’s something I totally would rock, and actually have worn in real life. The hair is gorgeous, with a cute beanie attached to it that is so effortless, but has a chic element to it at the same time. It’s from Exile and the mesh hair at that store is to die. The sweater is from TRAM. I LOVE THIS SWEATER. It looks so comfortable, it fits Brinks perfectly and the color is really cute too. It’s offered in about 8-9 really great colors ( I had a hard time choosing which one to buy ) The bag is from Null, it’s no longer available. I remember when this bag first came out everyone wanted it. I have a so many friends right now that still wish they had bought the bag when the creator was actively in world. The ring is from Yummy, its super cute. First of all, when you buy the ring you are actually getting two rings. You get the first ring, which is the large statement ring on one finger. Then you get a second ring ( which is actually two small rings together ) that goes on another finger. All for below 100L$, it’s a pretty fantastic deal in my opinion guys. The jeans are from Vive9. They are super cute. I wanted to wear pants with this sweater to keep the outfit casual, but I didn’t want just plain denim. I was at Vive9 looking at some of the new Ryvolter clothing and while I was camming around the store, I saw these jeans in the corner of my eye. I otherwise probably would never have noticed them. There super cute and give the outfit a pop of pattern. The boots are from Maitreya. I bought these boots SO LONG AGO and I completely forgot that I had them. So I am blogging them now. Thats about it guys. I Hope you liked this more casual outfit. Also, if any of you guys feel bad for me, feel free to send me some 5 hour energy shots or even some Starbucks gift cards so I can get a latte to keep me awake and able to do all my tasks. Have a good night and I shall throw up a new post for you guys soon ❤

Skin: .: vive nine :. Maliah in SPF200 YellowTan ( Sanya Bilavio )

Hair: ::Exile:: A Winter’s Tale: Light Blondes ( Kavar Cleanslate )

Sweater: tram -cable knit(MESH)[sky] ( Moca Loup )

Bag: null_Gainsbourg_bag ( Daaii Jinn )

Ring: (Yummy) Boho Ring Set – Black ( Polyester Partridge )

Jeans: .: vive nine :. Adisa Moto Skinny Jeans – Black Stripe ( Sanya Bilavio )

Boots: Maitreya Stagioni Boots * Coal ( Onyx LeShelle )