Hey guys ! So today I’m going to be showing you a few new releases from around the grid. The first new release is this lovely hair by Rowne. This hair style is called the Eva. Lately, Rowne hair is the only hair that I’ve been wearing. I’m very particular when it comes to hair […]


Hello ! As I promised, I’m back with another new piece from the Rowne Pre-Fall 14′ collection. The new piece is this gorgeous jumpsuit ! Any of you that regularly look at my blog, you’ll know that I really don’t like jumpsuits all that much. I’m going to let this particular one be a rare exception. […]


       Hello guys ! Rowne has released there Pre Fall 14′ Collection, and it is STUNNING. The collection consist of some exquisite pieces that will be a staple in your SL wardrobe for years to come. There are some great tops, which I’ll be featuring over the next couple of posts. A really great pair of […]


Hello everyone ! I am super exhausted so I am going to try to keep this post to a bare minimum. That way I don’t fall asleep with my laptop on top of me for the entire night. The hair, THIS BEAUTIFUL HAIR is from Rowne. That is the brand owned by Fashionboi Landar & […]


Just wanted to throw up another quick post. The outfit is pretty basic but I wanted to show off some great new releases. The blouse and skirt are both Ryvolter and each come in a variety of colors. The bag is Ryvolter as well. Like I mentioned in my last post this bag actually comes […]


Well guys, Ryvolter has done it again. They released a new collection and to say that I love it would be a drastic under statement. The stand out piece for me in the entire collection is this bag. It’s called the Cora Bag. It comes in 27 delicious colors. Two of them are actually crocodile […]


Hello everyone ! I just wanted to post a quick, simple outfit. I’m going to have a pretty busy day today in SL. I need to find some plants and tree’s for my property. I also need to find a high quality sky dome for a building that I’m placing in the sky. I’d also […]