Hey guys ! So today I’m going to be showing you a few new releases from around the grid. The first new release is this lovely hair by Rowne. This hair style is called the Eva. Lately, Rowne hair is the only hair that I’ve been wearing. I’m very particular when it comes to hair that I wear. There are only a few shades of blonde that I like in SL and Rowne uses them ! The quality of Rownes hair is also amazing. You can tell that they put a lot of time into creating their pieces, particularly the hair. Pretty much to sum this part up, anything that Rowne releases is pure gold in my eyes and I just gush over it. Moving on, the necklace is from a store called Beauparlant. Now I believe they used to have a free standing store in world but I wasn’t able to find one. So I bought this necklace on the stores marketplace page. I really was attracted to this necklace for this outfit because of its simplistic modern design with just a touch of detail. I didn’t want something that was too long or had dangling pieces, but I also didn’t want a choker. This necklace fit the bill perfectly. The top is from a store called Chemistry. I’ve had this shirt forever and I’ve never gotten around to wearing it. It’s just a simple mesh crop top with a lace pattern. I opted to use this instead of a plain white crop top just to give the outfit a little bit of pattern and detail. The jacket is a new release from Emery at the Collabor88 event. It comes in just a few really great colors that you can easily pair with anything you’re wearing. I am obsessed with this coat. I never want to take it off. I just bought myself a new Max Mara coat in RL that looks really similar to this one, that’s why I think I love it so much. The ring is from a set of two just released by LaGyo at the Collabor88 event. I like the ring because it wasn’t too detailed or intricate for this outfit. It was simplistic enough that it fit right in. The jeans are another new release from Emery at the Fameshed event. I am obsessed with these jeans. I find that when designers in SL design jeans with rips in them, that those rips are actually a texture and not a physical cut out of the jean. I don’t like that. I think it doesn’t look realistic and in some cases I find that it even looks sloppy. These Emery jeans however, have the holes in the jeans cut out from the mesh. To me, it shows that Sunami put in extra effort and work to make these jeans more detailed and realistic. As a consumer, I appreciate that and I don’t mind buying more of her products, knowing that she puts in that extra amount of time and effort to make her products that much better. The heels are from Rowne. I’ve gushed about these heels before, because they’re amazing. It’s a plain simple heel, with a little bit of detail on the toes. I can’t get enough of these heels. I will be wearing them for a long time to come. Well guys that’s it for this outfit. I am trying to work on another outfit and hopefully I’ll post that in the next week or so. Hope you guys enjoy all of your Christmas Shopping and the rest of your weekend ! ❤

Hair: Rowne.Eva – Deluxe ( Couleur Latoe )

Necklace: [AB]Palmero Necklace in Silver ( Ameliarae Moleno )

Top: (Chemistry) ECHO TANK TOP – Lace ( Kimberlee Miles )

Coat: Emery Rosie Coat Grey ( Sunami Beck )

Ring: LaGyo_Sienna rings SET Silver ( Gyorgyna Larnia )

Jeans: Emery Ripped Skinny Jeans War ( Sunami Beck )

Heels: Rowne.Erix Pumps – White ( Fashionboi Landar )





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