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Hello guys ! Rowne has released there Pre Fall 14′ Collection, and it is STUNNING. The collection consist of some exquisite pieces that will be a staple in your SL wardrobe for years to come. There are some great tops, which I’ll be featuring over the next couple of posts. A really great pair of leggings, which I am wearing above. There is a skirt, jumpsuit, an amazing purse as well as a stunning pair of heels, which I have also featured above. Lastly, there is also two new hair styles available at Rowne, one which I am wearing above and the other I’ll be featuring in a future post. New to this Rowne collection is men’s wear. There is a men’s cotton shirt, a pair of jogger pants as well as a men’s jacket that I am wearing above. I’ll be featuring all the new releases over the next couple of posts or so. So lets dive right in. The hair, again, is from Rowne. It’s a really simple hair style. It’s a nice updo, with a messy bun ontop. I love these kinds of hair styles in SL. They can help pull almost any outfit together. The sunglasses are from Faenzo. I love these sunglasses because they aren’t the typical sunglasses you find in SL. They have a very sleek, streamlined design. Very Celine like. The necklace is from Paper Couture. I bought this necklace years ago and I get so much use out of it. I always buy Paper Couture jewelry because the quality is amazing and it’s really not all that expensive. The jacket is from Rowne, it’s part of the new men’s release that came out with the new Pre Fall collection. It comes in a few great neutral colours and I absolutely love it. The shirt, also is from the new Rowne collection. All the new pieces come in a really great range of 5-6 neutral colors. That will allow you to mix and match them with almost anything, really. The leggings are also part of the new Rowne 2014 Pre Fall collection. The texturing on the leggings are great. They appear to be shiny in all the right spots and they fit very well. I hate when designers release leggings and they are baggy around the ankles. Leggings are meant to be tight, not loose. Rowne did a great job on these ones. Lastly, THE SHOES. These shoes are absolutely amazing. The detail on them is crazy. The shoes come in eight really great colors. Honestly guys I will be wearing these shoes until my last day in this pixel world. Well guys that’s all I have to say for now. Hope you enjoy the new Rowne Pre Fall 14′ releases and have a lovely rest of your weekend ❤

Skin: .: vive nine :. Maliah in SPF200 YellowTan ( Sanya Bilavio )

Hair: Rowne.Sasha – Deluxe ( Couleur Latoe )

Sunglasses: Faenzo Gold Frame Sunglass – Tortoiseshell ( Herve Faenzo )

Necklace: P.C; Silver Bead Necklace ( Cora Lu )

Jacket: Rowne.Von Jarrar Coat – Ivory ( Fashionboi Landar )

Shirt: Rowne.Anka Silk Blouse – Pearl ( Fashionboi Landar )

Leggings: Rowne.Maja Leather Leggins – Taupe ( Fashionboi Landar )

Heels: Rowne.Nadja Sandals – Wine ( Fashionboi Landar )


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  1. I’m super amused with your page. Very unique, interesting and entertaining. My heart is pounding in awe with your tasteful art of showcasing fashion, life and beauty. Wonderful experience. Something to share with friends. It makes one become more interested with the featured items. 👍👍👍 👏👏👏

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