Hello everyone ! I am super exhausted so I am going to try to keep this post to a bare minimum. That way I don’t fall asleep with my laptop on top of me for the entire night. The hair, THIS BEAUTIFUL HAIR is from Rowne. That is the brand owned by Fashionboi Landar & Justice Topaz. All I have to say is, if you are looking for high quality clothing, shoes, bags or hair, my advice is to take a few minutes and take a quick TP over to their main store, or to their satellite store on the Eila sim, which is where the new Vive9/Ryvolter main store is as well. Speaking of Ryvolter, here is the gorgeous Cora Bag that I’ve included in my last couple of posts and that I’ve also been going completely nuts over. In the last couple of outfits that I’ve posted, I’ve shown the smaller version of the Cora Bag which Ryvolter calls the 25CM. The Cora Bag I’ve shown above is the larger version and that is the 32CM. I did forget to mention in my last post that when you purchase a Cora Bag from Ryvolter you do get both the smaller 25CM version, as well as the larger 32CM version. I will also mention that the bag comes with a HUD to control the color of the metal parts of the bag, making them silver or gold. The shirt as well as the jeans are from Emery. The shoes are from Rowne. I’ve used these shoes in my last couple of outfits. I love them. The shoes, they are so chic and sleek but they are definitely a unique standout piece because of the small circular detail towards the tip of the shoe. They kind of remind me of Mickey Mouse’s ears 😛 These heels will definitely be a staple on this blog for a while to come. My eyes aren’t cooperating with me and forcefully shutting. I’m going to get some shut eye. You guys have yourselves a lovely rest of your day ! ❤

Skin: .: vive nine :. Maliah in SPF200 YellowTan ( Sanya Bilavio )

Hair: Rowne.Marit – Deluxe ( Couleur Latoe )

Shirt: Emery Overshirt Paltrow Camo 01 ( Sunami Beck )

Tank: Maitreya RB-Tank * Brown ( Onyx LeShelle )

Purse: .: ryvolter :. Cora Bag – Toffee ( Inna Bilavio )

Jeans: Emery High Waisted Jeans Jule Smoke ( Sunami Beck )

Heels: Rowne.Erix Pumps – Nude ( Fashionboi Landar )




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