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Just wanted to throw up another quick post. The outfit is pretty basic but I wanted to show off some great new releases. The blouse and skirt are both Ryvolter and each come in a variety of colors. The bag is Ryvolter as well. Like I mentioned in my last post this bag actually comes in 27 colors. There is bound to be a color for any kind of occasion that requires you have a bag on your arm or shoulder. I will also let you guys know, this bag actually comes in two sizes. There is the smaller size, which is what I’m wearing in this outfit, that is called the 25CM. There is also the larger size, I’ll be wearing that in another outfit I’ll be posting later on and that is called the 32CM. Each bag does come with a shoulder or forearm pose option. The shoes are the new release from Rowne. These shoes come in 7 great colors that can be paired with almost any outfit. That’s why I haven’t taken them off in days ! I kept the outfit pretty basic just so the clothes would stand out more than any accessories that I added on to it. That’s about it. Hope you guys had a lovely long weekend and I’ll be posting soon. ❤

Skin: .: vive nine :. Maliah in SPF200 YellowTan ( Sanya Bilavio )

Hair: Rowne.Asta – Deluxe ( Couleur Latoe )

Blouse: .: ryvolter :. Leigh Draped Blouse – Floral ( Sanya Bilavio )

Purse: .: ryvolter :. Cora Bag – Tangerine ( Inna Bilavio )

Skirt: .: ryvolter :. Kasia Vinyl Skirt – Cream ( Inna Bilavio )

Heels: Rowne.Erix Pumps – Red ( Fashionboi Landar )


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