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Well guys, Ryvolter has done it again. They released a new collection and to say that I love it would be a drastic under statement. The stand out piece for me in the entire collection is this bag. It’s called the Cora Bag. It comes in 27 delicious colors. Two of them are actually crocodile print and another four are ostrich print. So if any of you ladies or gentlemen are in the market for a new go to pixel purse, this should be at the very top of your list. The shirt, as well as the pants are a new release from Ryvolter as well. I love how the shirt isn’t overly fitted but still structured. I also love the pants being a little bit loose then fitted around the ankles. That is one of my favorite trends in the SL/RL pant market at the moment. The shoes are also a new release from Rowne. Rowne is the new brand started by Fashionboi Landar, he used to own House of Fox, and one of my dear friends Justice Topaz. Rowne sells extremely well fitted, elegant clothing as well as bags, shoes and hair! Speaking of hair, the one I am wearing in this outfit is from Rowne. The one thing I love about this hair is that you have the option of changing the color of the roots. I love when a brand provides options with a product so that a consumer, just like myself, can customize it to make it their very own. I would highly suggest that all of you girls and boys check out Rowne if you have a shopping addiction that needs to be fed. ❤

Skin: .: vive nine :. Maliah in SPF200 YellowTan ( Sanya Bilavio )

Hair: Rowne.Gisela – Deluxe ( Couleur Latoe )

Top: .: ryvolter :. Shei Oversized Crop Top – White ( Sanya Bilavio )

Purse: .: ryvolter :. Cora Bag – Oxblood ( Inna Bilavio )

Ring: Ring: P.C; Pearl Flower Ring – White ( Cora Lu )

Pants: .: ryvolter :. Mylienna Satin Track Pants – Navy ( Sanya Bilavio )

Heels: Rowne.Erix Pumps – Plum ( Fashionboi Landar )


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